LVT –What is it and is it right for me?

Vinyl was invented by accident in Akron, Ohio in 1926 when a researcher decided to experiment with the materials from his failures and created a plasticized vinyl chloride.  It’s use as a flooring in some incarnation began in the 1930’s, really taking off in the 1960’s and is now the most widely used flooring material in both the residential and commercial market today.   

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile has been one of the fastest growing categories within the industry.  Our new technology can create natural wood look flooring in plank styles that can visually mimic the most prized of hardwoods without hurting the Rain Forest or ceramic and stone looks that will allow for more warmth underfoot and fewer broken glasses when dropped.

When cost is a consideration, average hardwood floors run between $8-$25/sq. ft. and most LVT’s run between $2-$8/sq. ft so your budget dollars can go further with LVT.  Design options can be limitless because LVT is easily cut and inlays and patterns can be incorporated.

Add to this the variety, beauty, water resistance and durability this product can offer and you can understand why it has become so popular. However, with many companies offering LVT, performance as well as style should be a consideration when choosing to specify LVT.  Understanding the construction and installation factors can help you to determine the right LVT for your project.



One key to durability is the wear layer thickness.  Measured in mils, this provides better protection from stains, wear and scratches.  This should always be discussed with your supplier when considering this product.

The installation method will also be a major consideration for your project. This product can be glued down or installed as a loose lay. Your design professional and installer can discuss which option best suits your location and needs.

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Liz Balogh   Chrysaliz Design,LLC