Decorating with Coastal Style

No matter where you may live, the thought of beach living can conjure up feelings of sun, summer and vacation.  Many people like to capture that feeling in their homes through using Coastal Style Décor. Keeping a few tips in mind can help you to successfully incorporate that look into your home.

The first thing to consider is which “coast” would you like to emulate.  There is tropical or island style bringing to mind either more muted feel of British Colonial (think Bermuda) or bright and colorful patterns of some of the other islands. Mediterranean Coastal can be the Aegean blues of Greece or the coastal towns of Spain or Italy with their dark woods and rich terracotta, Even within the American Coastal design the feeling can vary from the east to west coast and with distinct differences as you travel north to south along each (think Kennebunkport versus South Beach).

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The unifying factor of all of these locations is their proximity to the sea.  Choosing the proper natural elements, furnishings and colors will allow your style to emerge. Natural light, soft comfortable fabrics and furnishings, the use of reflective surfaces and nautical accessories can help you to achieve the look. For Southern Coastal, lightly distressed painted items in wood and metal will give that well used look. For West Coast, low furniture pieces and expansive views of the ocean give the desired effect. For many people the feeling of a beach cottage with more eclectic furnishings brings back those memories and relaxes after a hard day.

This is an example of Coastal Style that reflects the cottage feel. My clients liked the wall color they had chosen but the knotty pine made the room feel dark and was too distracting in the space. Painting it white brought light into the space and allowed the small sofa to stand out. The white washed cushion chair looks like it could have come from grandma’s house and painted furniture brings the wall color down. Navy blue was the perfect color to accent and the sea shell botanical prints are the perfect size and shape to fit above the bead board paneling.  This small seating area is now functional and inviting as well as reminiscent of a day at the beach.

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Liz Balogh   Chrysaliz Design,LLC

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