Our Approach & Values

All good quality design must adhere to and meet the criteria established for the six principles of design. These principles are: Scale, Proportion, Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis and Harmony.

But to be truly great and memorable, design must also provoke an emotional response and I believe that great design can only come from open communication.

How many times have you entered a room and felt a sense of calm or excitement? How often have you found yourself in a space that just seems to wrap its warm arms around you and beckon you to stay awhile? What feelings do you want to have the room reflect? Who are the people who will be using this space? What must be included in this space to meet your expectations? What is the budget that you have dedicated to make this space a haven?

These questions are among the discussion topics that will be covered when a project is undertaken. This sharing of individual ideas and desires will allow Chrysaliz Design to create a truly personalized space that will reflect its occupants’ personalities and special qualities. Whether it is choosing the perfect colors, fabrics, furnishing or accessories, careful attention will be paid to every detail in an effort to allow us to achieve this goal.

Each client and each project is unique. Personal space in our homes should be a reflection of those who live there.  All of our designs are based on our client's preferences and lifestyle.  Beyond those preferences all of the principles of design and functionality must be met before we will attach the Chrysaliz Design name to a space. These are just a few samples of projects we have completed.  To schedule your own personal consult please call (732) 270-4546 or email liz@chrysalizdesign.com

Services & Fees

Interior design services include consultation and implementation for color coordination, furniture selection and placement, accessory planning as well as sourcing for materials, products and crafts people.

Services can be contracted on an hourly fee basis or for a whole room design. Plans can be provided on a per square foot remuneration.