About Liz, Lead Designer

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From the time I was ten years old I used to cause a lot of confusion in my house by rearranging my bedroom furniture on a regular basis. During my neophyte years, my family's banged up knees and shins laid the framework for the formulation and creation of Chrysaliz Design, my dream to create unique interior environments in partnership with my clients.

The most important part of this process is to truly understand your needs and the feelings that you want your space to project. I will then translate your vision of an ideal home and craft it into reality.

This results in the rejuvenation of both physical surroundings and the spirit.

As a designer, my philosophy is as follows:
I firmly believe that to live in an environment which can refresh, rejuvenate, soothe and comfort is both pleasing and healing to the human spirit. Our homes should be the personal space that we can envelope around us like a cocoon. Each person has a very unique set of needs which must be identified and addressed for that spirit to be nurtured. My passion is to first, truly know my clients and from that understanding, to create the vision which will become the reality. My greatest joy is when a client says to me, "This room is so 'me'." That's when I know I have succeeded.

As lead designer and founder of Chrysaliz Design, I truly believe in the words of Winston Churchill:

We shape our environments; thereafter they shape us.
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A word about our logomark

Our logo, now over 15 years old, reflects how we began and the promise we make to our clients to transform their living space. Like each interior that we work with a client to renew, we wanted our logo mark design to reflect our past and point to our future: the promise made to each of our clients: transform, welcome, and delight.