Four Pleat Styles for Window Panel Treatments

Every window needs to be dressed in some way and when the answer is a beautiful pair of simple side panels the effect can be anything but simple if you keep some key elements in mind.  I’d like to share four pleat styles that I have used in my design plans.

The fabric can dictate best which to choose and your design professional can help to guide you based on that and the look you want to achieve but I would like you to see some options that can make your windows stand out.

french pleat

The French or Triple Pleat is the classic, formal drapery style most of us recognize. This style works well in traditionally styled homes.  When used properly this pleat style give a lush fullness to your window treatments. Fabric choice is key because it can be unwieldy with some thicker fabrics and requires the most fabric when there is an expanse to be covered. They also require a larger stack back (side space on the ends of the window for the fabric when drapery is opened).

single pleat

The Single Pleat is a more modern take on the French Pleat.  It uses less fabric but also is a great choice if you have a fabric with a pattern which you would like to showcase.  This can work better with thicker fabrics as it cuts down on the bulk as well as the stack back.

box pleat


The Inverted or Box Pleat gives a clean contemporary look.  This style works well with patterned fabrics like stripes.  There is not much fullness in this pleat style so it uses less fabric.  However because the pleat is in the back it will not stack back as well as the single pleat.

crown pleat


The Euro or Crown Pleat is tacked at the top of the pleat.  This can give a transitional look and allow your fabric to expand more below the pleat.  Stack back and fabric requirements on this style pleat is very similar to the French/Triple Pleat.

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Liz Balogh   Chrysaliz Design,LLC